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My first experience attending a class of Master Yang, I have never forgotten lying  perfectly still, when I pictured a walnut which I opened to reveal a perfectly new pink whenever I think of my heart I see a new one.

In myself I feel very calm, with a new found confidence.

There have been many other changes but this is what stands out to me most !  


I came across Master Yang three months ago, and was instantly drawn to the powerful energy work that he offers. He was very quick and accurate in reading my energy and also indicated which areas of my body and consciousness where I was experiencing blockages. For the past 12 years I had been very unwell and on a complicated journey of exploring various healing modalities to assist me with deep seated trauma related issues and heavy density in my body. Unfortunately I had very little success, and by this time I was exhausted, confused and highly distressed as to what else I could do.


 Fortunately, I was blessed with meeting Master Yang, and he has managed to shift alot of negative energy from my field and body in a very short time. He's a magician of energy and his energy work is strong, potent and effective. He really is quite a rare find. My gratitude spreads to the moon and back for Master Yang's generosity of spirit, his sincere care and for his wonderful healing gifts and abilities.


I knew in my gut there was something profoundly different about this Chi Master…I was conscious of being completely open in my heart space…relaxed..calm. Emotions came to the surface, I felt happy, I felt euphoric. After the class I went through  a series of transformations, each changing me more, each made me feel more like myself. A truly solid foundation keeping my tank full and the earth solid beneath my feet. Practical, finding short cuts, moving forward. In this short time I have experienced life times of emotional change and growth.

Master Yang is more than words convey, he appears as a plain, humble Chinese Master. He makes us laugh, but more than that, in his presence the heart softens and heals. Truly the most heart -full-giving-healing-powerful-loving human being I have ever met.

I would have kept hiding my whole life if I hadn't met Master Yang.


Georgia S

Master Yang is a powerful healer who enables and supports one to discover their fullest capacity through connection and synchronicity embedded within all threads of life. Heart and soul resonates with the chi that Master Yang is able to channel. He does so directly where needed and where spirit knows needs healing, enlightenment and direction. As the heart flowers and develops, true understanding is revealed, clarity is heightened, interactions become more serendipitous, and all around you
glow in harmony with the greater spirit that lives within us all. Master Yang is someone I will always be grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from. I am honoured to study under the direction of such a great Chi Master.


Rebecca P

Since starting classes with Master Yang around 18 months ago, I have experienced exceptional growth within all areas of my life. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and personally I am much stronger, happier, healthier and more balanced than I have ever been.

Master Yang has completely changed my life in such a positive direction that every day is better than the next.


Peter N

I attended a seminar held by Master Yang two years ago. I was seeking help for my deteriorating health,

I had seen numerous doctors, specialists, naturopaths over a period of 8 years whom had diagnosed illnesses, auto immune disease, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, anaemia, high cholesterol, blood disorders etc My diet and exercise regime was good, although not perfect, Master Yang read my energy fields and immediately knew my problems, He conducted cosmic energy to move through my system clearing stagnation and blockages enabling healing to take place, I immediately felt better, I now attend a once a month seminar in Brisbane called Golden Bridge, My health has been restored, bewildering doctors, I feel lighter, brighter, and positively rejuvenated, I am forever grateful to Master Yang for restoring my body mind and spirit and facilitating light and grace to my energy system

Sincerely yours,

I first saw Master Yang on a video clip and was amazed that I could feel something through a computer screen as he moved chi around with his hands. That hooked me into going to a class, as I was searching for someone to help heal my long term malaise. In just a handful of sessions my ongoing healing journey to detoxify the body has transformed into a feeling of excitement at what the future holds for me. 

My creativity has been unlocked from a stagnant place and is now restoring my spirit. I feel like my body, heart & soul are healing rapidly after decades of struggling through a challenging life and I am extremely grateful to Master Yang, and what I am learning through the classes.


Maggie T

After the Planetary Connection; my 'Total Transformation' as Master Yang calls it, on a physical, emotional, karmic and spiritual level has speeded up, not that it was actually slow before, and has been going on for a number of years now . I've had to heal myself to a level where I was ready for this. The first planet I got connected with at one point appeared to divide into 2 planets which Master Yang  described
as 2 lives, which I feel very blessed at being given a second chance at living here on earth. I will make sure I don't waste itas I did with my first chance. Each day as my body changes and reveals itself
from the inside, it gets more and more amazing, unbelievable, yet very real. To be able to feel and see inside what is happening as my body unwinds and recharges, rebalances,is a true gift.Even though it is amazing and unbelievable, it may not be an easy path for a period of time, but with the results you get comesperseverance, trust, faith & courage. In the beginning trust and faith in Master Yang is the main one as what he is teaching is so unique.  By experiencing my own transformation I hope in the near future to beable to help other people with theirs.


Thanks Master Yang

Jeff J

Before my first session with Master Yang I felt stuck and heavy in my mind, body and heart, struggling day to day. The overwhelming feeling of warmth, clarity and support I received was remarkable. After just one session my thoughts were clear, my heart felt lighter and I had a sense of direction. It is a holistic experience which has enabled me to live a more fulfilling life.

Kind Regards

Sarah P

I have known Chi Master Yang for over 8 years now. It is not possible to convey here the significance of who he is to me, but I will share a few interesting things… I initially became aware of Chi Master Yang when a friend mentioned to me that he had cured him of a kidney condition instantaneously with a ‘wave of his hand’. I found this quite curious and so I set out to find him. Since our first meeting, my life has been on an extraordinary path of accelerated learning, growth, healing and progress. Each time we meet, there is nothing ‘I’ need to say, as he already knows everything that I have been going through (although we have not spoken). He reveals at times, his apparent omniscient awareness, although never to ‘show off’ only to assist when it is helpful to reveal certain things for my benefit. I have never come across anyone with higher integrity, honesty and compassion. He consistently demonstrates an ongoing willingness to extend himself seemingly infinitely, to support and look after his students (which he at times affectionately refers to as ‘sons’ or ‘daughters’) particularly at critical periods. Even from the moment he meets someone, he does this. Long-term students fall under his wing of omnipresent protection. He has specifically averted disaster in my life on a few occasions; intervening to prevent me from making serious mistakes that would have impacted on the rest of my life in irreversible ways.


In a lot of ways I feel I owe him my life for what he has given to me; without that, my life would be an arduous repetition of suffering and struggle. After every class with him, my life is transformed into higher levels of awareness, empowerment, health and freedom. Once he took me outside and asked me which constellation of stars I would like to connect with. After that night, the amount of energetic support I experienced was … well there is not really a word. It was as if my whole life had begun an entirely new process through which I could serve a much higher purpose to benefit myself and all others. Having a private session with him on Skype you can see his violet aura yet in person, without the benefit of inner vision, he would appear as an ordinary man. He would never want to intrude on anyone so he remains extremely humble. If you are sincere with him, and show continued interest, he will slowly reveal things to you. There are many extraordinary stories I could share, but if I did, people in general would not believe it; they would think I was making it up. If you want to know the stories, allow him into your life, and you will live them yourself.


Eternally grateful,


Dezember/December 2014 Wie ich zu Master Yang kam... (Meine Erfahrungen) My way to Master Yang... (My Experiences)ImJänner 2013 war ich auf der Homepage von undstieß dort auf ein Video von einem Heiler, Master Yang genannt. Worte wie „Chi Transmission“, „Violet Flame Commander“ und „Heaven Dew Healer“
ließen meine Aufmerksamkeit zu einem dort eingebundenen Youtube-Video wandern, wobei ich nicht wusste, warum das so war. Ein innerer Impuls führte mich dazu. Das dort gezeigte Youtube-Video „Miracle Emotional Healing“ empfand ich als sehr ansprechend. Die Energie startete sofort zufließen, als Master Yang zu sprechen begann.In January 2013 I had a look at the website and came across a video of a healer, called Master Yang. I was impressed by words like „Chi Transmission“, „Violet Flame Commander“ and „Heaven Dew Healer“ and my attention was immediately at the Youtube-video „Miracle Emotional Healing“ I found on this website. It was not clear for me why I felt myself drawn to this so strongly, I simply followed an inner impulse and watched the video which I liked from the beginning. The energy started to flow as soon as Master Yang began to talk.Danach vergingen ein paar Tage und ich war mit anderen Dingen beschäftigt. Im Hinterkopf kreisten jedoch immer meine Gedanken darum, Master Yang zu kontaktieren. Nach dem Motto „Gesagt – Getan“ oder in meinem Fall „Gedacht – Getan“, setzte ich meine kreisenden Gedanken in die Tat um
und kontaktierte ihn über seine Website. Seine Antwort per eMail war sehr klar und – ohne jemals mit mir gesprochen, meine Stimme gehört oder mich gesehen zu haben – treffend über meinen Zustand. After this experience some days went by and I was busy, but I always had thoughts telling me to contact Master Yang. No sooner said than done – or in my case „No sooner thought than done“ I contacted him through his website. His answer was very clear and I wondered how he can make so
precise descriptions and explanations about my current state without having me ever seen or having ever heard my voice..


Wir vereinbarten einen Ersttermin über Skype. Mit einem Gefühl der Ungewissheit in mir begann die Reise in noch unbekannte Dimensionen. Master Yangs Motto „Nicht zuviel sprechen, sondern geistig handeln“ zeigte sich auch im Erstgespräch über Skype. Dem 10minütigen Kennlerngespräch folgte eine Chi-Übertragung. Bei mir löste das eine Müdigkeit aus, die mich innerhalb von 15 Minuten einschlafen ließ. Die Blockaden im energetischen System waren doch sehr beträchtlich und zogen
auch den einen oderanderen körperlichen Schmerz mit sich. Mit dem Wissen im Hinterkopf, dass diese Schmerzen ein Teil des Heilvorganges sind, wurden diese in den nächsten Tagen/Wochen/Monaten immer schwächer oder verschwanden ganz☺.We agreed a first session on skype. My feelings were split, not knowing that this would be a further step of my journey in unknown dimensions. I completely agreed with Master Yang’s motto„ Don’t let us talk too much, let us work with Chi“. After 10 minutes the Chitransmission started and no longer than 15 minutes later, I was so tired to fall asleep. Some blockages in my energetic system have been very deep and from time to time I was suffering from acute pain in my body. But I always knew
that the aches are a part of the healing process and so they became less intense or disappeared fully in the next few days/weeks/months ☺.Im Laufe der nächsten Monate folgten noch einige Behandlungen, immer meinem jeweiligen Zustand und Fortschritt angepasst.Einfach nachvollziehbare Übungen zur Anbindung ans kosmische und irdische Chi sowie deren körperliche Integration waren und sind Bestandteil eines jeden kurzen Gesprächs, das der eigentlichen Behandlung per
Fernübertragung vorausgeht. Diese geben mir den nötigen Impuls, beständig an der Vereinigung von Körper, Seele und Geist weiter zu arbeiten. Durch diese Impulse verändertsich meine Wahrnehmung jedes Mal und das löst die eigentliche Gesundwerdung im Hintergrund aus.Mittlerweile gelingt es mir immer leichter, durch gezielte Aufmerksamkeit unterversorgte Bereiche im Körper mit Energie zu versorgen und Blockaden zu lösen. 


In the following months Master Yang offered more sessions, always checking my Chi if I would be ready for more and able to cope with a higher flow. During the very short skype talk we make exercises which are easily to repeat and to integrate in my daily life and atwork, followed by information about the Earth Chi and Heaven Chi and their integration in the body. The rest of the session contains of distance healing. The impulses from the talk and the session are very important for me, they give me the basis to work steadily onthe integration of body, soul and spirit. The perception of how I see the world changes every time, and this is the real power of recuperation (in the background). Meanwhile, it is much easier for me to draw the attention to parts in my body and float them which obviously don’t have enough energy at the moment.Master Yangs Art und Weise, den Selbstheilungsvorgang in mir auszulösen, sprach und spricht mich noch immer sehr an. Ohne irgendwelche privaten Dinge auszutauschen, wird an der Lösung der anstehenden Situation gearbeitet und zwar durch die Anbindung an höhere Dimensionen. Er liest das Chi vor der Behandlung und es bedarf keiner langen Worte oder Analysen.Master Yang’s own way, to support and facilitate my self-healing process, appealed to me and it is still so. In advance he reads the Chi and therefore it is not necessary to talk and to analyse the actual situation. Without talking about private things and the current „problems“, the work with Chi starts. He is a bridge to higher dimensions.


Sollte einmal die Kommunikation auf sprachlicher Ebene nicht funktionieren (mein Englisch ist ausreichend aber alles verstehe ich dennoch nicht) oder die Skype-Verbindung bricht spontan ab, dann ist die einzigartige Wirkung der Behandlung weiterhin gegeben, denn die Sprache des Universums, die dabei übermittelt wird und Heilung auslöst, ist raum- und zeitlos und lösgelöst von unserer Vorstellung von Kommunikation. Incase that I don’t understand parts of the conversation (my English is
OK but I don’t understand everything) or that the internet connection collapses, I can be sure of the unique effect of the healing. The language of the universe which is transmitted and promotes the healing, is far away from our understanding of space, time and communication.


Der Erstimpuls zur Genesung unserer Körper kann nur über eine veränderte  hrnehmungsfähigkeit erfolgen und dieser kann nur von jedem selbst ausgehen. Zusätzlich kann ein starker Wille zur ständigen geistigen Weiterentwicklung zur treibenden Kraft werden. Master Yang fördert diese Eigenschaften durch seine energetische Arbeit und es zeigt mir, dass seine Anbindung an das Universum und unserem Planeten Erde sehr stark und sein Verständnis über das Universum sehr groß sind und jeder wirklich Hilfesuchende nur davon profitieren kann. Er ist ein sehr starker Impulsgeber in Zeiten des Wandels.The first step of changing our perception and consequently the recuperation of our bodies, starts with an impulse and those one can only come from ourselves. Further a strong will can expedite this process. Master Yang can trigger more of these impulses in his energetic work. My experience has shown that he has a very strong connection to the Universe and planet Earth as well. His understanding about the universe is amazing. Everyone who is really searching for help, can only benefit from his nowledge.He is a very strong generator of new thoughts and necessary impulses in times of rapid changes.Jeder Mensch ist einzigartig und fühlt anders. Frei nach dem Motto „Langer Rede kurzer Sinn“: mal ausprobieren und reinfühlen☺.Everyone is unique and feels on his own. To cut a long story short: test and feel it☺.

Hermann Lueger


I was drawn to a particular spot in the night sky as Master Yang asked us to choose a star. He then stood with each of us with what was to be an amazing experience of connection & communication with something which appeared so distant..however as that connection continued my eyes and in fact whole body felt transfixed.

It was a whole body experience like nothing I had experienced before, the star itself became more illuminated, pulsing  with a new kind of vibrancy. I was aware of energy  moving through my body in a very different way. 

Throughout the second half I felt more deeply connected & as if a new way of communication was taking place. Deeply touched I remained still & quiet for some time.

Everything was different from that night onward.. it's hard to believe that standing on earth it would be possible to connect with a chosen star in this profound way, having such remarkable experiences, that never leave you...but you can!         

Thank you Master Yang

Susan C

Master Yang, I found the pre-planetary connection session incredibly powerful. It usually takes a while for me to notice the effects of each session but this one was immediate! After I opened my eyes and stood up, I had an overwhelming sense that EVERYTHING was somehow different. Instead of staying and chatting with the others in class, I felt that I just had to leave right away to experience the world from what felt like a very different perspective. On my way home, I kept on glancing at very usual and mundane things but I couldn't stop thinking to myself "This all feels so different". Even now, I still can't describe how or what changed but it was so significant that it brought me to spontaneous tears of joy numerous times that day. Sitting on the train, I could feel the complete strangersitting across from me... she felt different and it brought tears of joy to my eyes. Walking to my home, I passed the same meshed wire fence that I've passed hundreds of time before but, as I noticed it in my peripheral vision, it just felt indescribably
different... again, I was in tears of joy. Sitting at home, I heard a car's engine rev loudly as it zoomed around the roundabout at the end of my street. Yet again, it just felt different in such a beautiful way that it brought me to tears. I have since become accustomed to the new sensations and perspective. The difference is still noticeable but it's not so overwhelming anymore. It's both very subtle and incredibly profound at the same time. All that was just the preparation session! hahaha On the day of the actual planetary connection session, as I was waiting to board my flight to Brisbane, I noticed an abundance of energy flowing within and around me, particularly around myheart and head. Immediately I suspected it had something to do with you connecting to me remotely and doing some further preparation work before the session??


It felt very easy to draw upon this energy so I did so, and bathed in its blissful warmth, continuously throughout the whole flight.Although it was completely overcast that night and we were unable to visibly select which stars/planets you would connect us to, once we arrived at the first location, I was powerfully drawn to gaze at a very specific spot in the uniformly cloudy sky. I briefly scanned my eyes in other directions but nowhere else gave the same feeling. Soon after you connected me to my chosen location, I felt that warm radiant energy again, showering down upon me and expanding in and around my chest and head. As I gazed at the clouded area and the connection continued, the only visual I noticed was a very brief flash of light, precisely where I was looking. Another observation I found interesting is that, during the whole 20-30 minutes, I could hear mosquitoes flying all around me but not once did they bite or even settle upon my exposed skin. Once this first connection was completed we sat down for a discussion. As always, I found your words profoundly insightful. You spoke with simplicity, about concepts I was already familiar with, and yet somehow I gained a much deeper understanding.


We then spent some time meditating at your personal shrine. The energy flow in that room is amazing! It felt as if a bridge was formed between myself and a consciousness much more expanded than my own. Words that felt like mine but flowed automatically inside my head, described my deepest soulful yearning and purpose. Something I thought I already knew quite well was spontaneously redefined in to a much more elegant and clearer understanding. After this, I was a bit shocked but felt incredibly blessed when you had Susan deconstruct your shrine and gift the various items to each of us. I am already putting them to good use.We then proceeded to the location where the second planetary connection would take place. Once again, I scanned my eyes  around the blanket of cloud for a short while. No sooner than I had felt a new specific sweet spot, you pointed straight to it and said "Here, that group is yours. Connection started." Mosquitoes buzzed all around me again but never pierced my skin, and I saw a brief flash of light, just like in the previous location. Compared with the first, this connection had a softer and cooler feel to it. However, after a few minutes, intense energy started running up my legs. The sensation felt exactly like ants running all over my lower legs, so much so that I was convinced that I was standing on an ant hive. Determined to remain focused on the connection, I ignored it as it spread to other parts of my body, particularly shoulders and forearms. After what must have been about 20 minutes of resisting the urge shake ants out of my pants, you let us know that we were finished so I quickly got my phone out of my pocket to use as a flashlight, as I lifted my trouser legs to see if hundreds of ants were, in fact, crawling all over me... there was not even one. During the proceeding discussion, I was not at all surprised when you told me that you see me in a suit and tie, with slick hair, approaching large companies to offer energetic assistance, because I had already been recently entertaining this idea. But, yet again, you presented an even greater perspective and understanding of how to best go about this. My idea was to provide education about how and why the employees would all benefit from developing their own practice, and how that would translateto benefit to the entire company.


The problem with that being, the vast majority of employees simply would not commit to a consistent, ongoing practice. Your idea of me simply DOING the energy work upon the whole building and all employees, will provide far greater assistance, as I realize that when I raise the energetic state of the whole building, individual stress, job dissatisfaction and internal conflicts will all decrease, while harmony, positivity, productivity and fulfillment will all increase. I also now realize that the greatest way to teach is through energy, not words... I feel I've been a bit slow to figure this one out.The days following the planetary connection session have brought another significant shift in my perspective upon all things. It too is difficult to put in to words but it kind of feels like I've taken a big step back from the personal aspect of experiencing the world. It feels as though I'm looking through my own eyes but there is a greater degree of detachment from what I see. It's almost like watching from a 3rd person perspective, still engaged and observant but my inner energetic feeling state is less effected by fluctuations in my outer experience. Not at all an adequate description but I get the feeling you will know exactly what I'm talking about. I've also noticed that much more energy is flowing in to the top of my head and downward through my body during meditation. It feels exactly the same as what I experienced during the first planetary connection but I can connect to it at will, any time.


I feel my eternal gratitude will nevercompare to the priceless experience, guidance, support and acceleration you have gifted to me
over many years. But I will always honour your assistance by continuing to share this work and assisting others to the best of my ability.


Much love and respect,


Zac S

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