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What Is Quantum Networking?

Chi Master Yang's most recent program Quantum Networking involves deepest connection with On Site Planetary Power to intensely comb your meridian system, harmonizing personal internal feng shui to bring forth your potential gift; embodying who you truly are.

All participants can be 100% guaranteed & certain to encounter this natural miracle healing power 

Every individual experiences through their own unique way; tasting, hearing, feeling this magnificent quantum power moving down from high above their head; intensely touching, travelling full body to connect deep below their feet.


Through this deep combing, activating, aligning of all meridians many systems are reconnected with the third eye, harvesting different scales of Earth Wisdom Support and quantum seeds.

 Every second highest Planetary Power intensely moves from right to left, left to right; male to female, female to male as yin & yang are deeply harmonized through different networks providing for individual needs.

Each person achieves profoundly to bring forth their unique gifts and essential, beautiful Self 

As Quantum Networking highest Planetary Power combs in all directions; up, down, side to side, male to female and back including 45 degrees and other angles, your meridian and chakra system is deeply cleansed, healed and purified providing you with beautiful communication and connection with all relationships in your life.  

Different people achieve different ways - your way - to move through rapidly to the intense level

Join Chi Master Yang as he guides you through ancient sacred sites and karst geological locations where intense quantum Earth Power is deeply experienced, wisdom seeds harvested and miraculous events unfold.


  Enjoy a unique tasting of special locations including natural hot spring bath areas coming from subterranean feng shui flow to touch your skin and soul.

If you are interested in this program and Special Retreat please feel welcome to inquire further below:

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