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Quantum Chi Master Yang's
Fengshui Sitting Workshop

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Coming to Coolum Beach
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Other New Programs:

Ceremony from long distance to set up
Fengshui Field for Group Self-Fengshui Sitting.

Ceremony from long distance to set up
Fengshui Field for Longevity.

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Fortunate Heaven Dew Fengshui Showering is ready

Fortunate Heaven Dew Fengshui Field Family Sitting

Four families sitting on chairs at four different sections of the hall with walkways around each family group to set up smaller fengshui fields. 60 minutes.


First Step: Chi Master Yang will gather chi from the four cardinal directions, east, west, north and south to the centre of the site.


Second Step: Chi Master Yang will stand at the centre to harmonising the chi from all around different directions with the earth chi frequency at the centre of the hall.


Third Step: Everyone move to stand at the central point of the site to experience the earth chi gathering harmonising there from different directions.


Fourth Step: Now sitting. Heaven Dew Fengshui essential showering seeds will harmonising with the earth chi flowing.


Fifth Step: Experience the central point of the site again, now changed from the fengshui showering from both heaven and earth harmonising it.


Sixth Step: Return to sitting. Chi Master Yang will walk around each family group organising a special fengshui field for them.


Seventh Step: Each family will rotate their positions to a different set of chairs to enjoy the different fengshui field and get more harmonising fengshui sitting experience.


Eighth step: Self Fengshui - through the meditation follow this fengshui sitting energy field chi flow and focus on your own home location.

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Heaven and Earth energy nourishment organise harmonising energy field

Fortunate Heaven Dew Fengshui Showering Ceremony Workshop

~60 minutes, $50~
Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Lismore, Coffs Harbour

If you are interested to attend please fill in the form below.

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Everyone is happy and looks younger immediately


Energy field working

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Chi Master Yang
New Fengshui New Life Workshop

Heaven dew fengshui shower harmonising upon earth chi nourishment flow workshop.

Chi Master Yang's Workshop

Chi combing meridian system for peace
and harmony and energy building.

Chi Master Yang's Workshop

Energy Symphony huge fengshui harmony support workshop.

Chi Master Yang's Workshop

Rebuild your energy protection great wall and repair some chakras by fishing earth chi fengshui flowing essential seeds and diamonds.

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Chi Master Yang's Workshop

Pick up and manage deep layers earth chi fengshui flow to cleansing and clear up meridian system blockages and to rebalance and harmonise it.

2023 Workshop

Meridian Soothing Harmonising Balancing Dancing Following
Chi Orchestra and Music

2023 New Program
Milky Way Waterfall

Milky Way Waterfall to develop your meridian system to soothingly harmonise to open and expand it to breathing in and to absorb essential dew drop diamonds.

The waterfall chi connection with the stars is like numerous jade balls, the bigger ones are connected with blue or purple lines connection. Others like numerous smaller dense pieces dropping down like showering.

All over the world, any place, only need to know your name and the town, city or place name. And when you can see the stars with a clear sky. Depends on conditions.



Wisdom & Healing

Set up the connection between you and your site with a group of planetary stars. Heaven Dew Fengshui power chi flowing will pour down from heaven.

Standing outside on your special site at your yard the connection between you and your site with group of planetary stars above your head will be set up and strengthened.

During this time the stars flashing connection and you will find out your special connection with 1 or 2 or 3 stars, depending on your chi practicing and chi communication.

From those 1-3 you can find out one star which is best for your wisdom support. And find one star you would take as satellite working as a transit relay power station, which follow your practicing and working for another person,  persons or place.

Or you can do one star for wisdom or one star as satellite, or you can do both depends on your chi working.

Return inside to your practicing place to have all your achievements settled with you and your site.

All over the world, any place, only need to know your name and the town, city or place name. And when you can see the stars with a clear sky. Depends on conditions.



Chi Master Yang's
New Program 2023

Huge Achievements by Shortcut

To achieve harmony between human being and universe by short cut way, set up several different on site coordinates to practicing and focusing on the same connection with your wisdom and healing planetary stars group.



Previous Programs

Healing Showering


Fengshui Showering

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Woodford Folk Festival Dec 31st 2019

Fortunate Peaceful Soothing New Year Fengshui Showering

Chi Master Yang welcomes and appreciates anyone to give feedback
who has been to the healing shower or fengshui showering.
Email: or click here

Some Tastes of New Program Practicing

  1. Look younger by 1-5 years immediately

At my seminar from first second I will start my work, which is chi transmission heaven meet earth through the whole fengshui field and meridian system. Everyone will look younger by 1-5 years immediately. At the beginning everyone will look at their neighbour to remember what look like. Then after 20 minutes chi transmission harmonising your meridian, giving you new life, I will give you opportunity to look to your neighbour again. You will see they look younger by 1-5 years. So that’s one of the beautiful results. As you understand, looking younger won’t last forever, I give you a taste of practicing.

2. Meredian Combing

We need to do hair combing everyday, several times per day to make you feel comfortable and unlock the tangle and fix up itching points. My seminar will do the same combing for your meridian system, which is like a big hair system. Put every piece of hair in order, to the right position.

All those join my seminar will have fortunate fengshui power connected

Seminar finger point violet flame drop.J
Woodford folk festival poster.jpg

The full Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20 programme has officially been released into the world and I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be part of this year’s incredible tribe. What an honour it is to be amongst such outstanding people. See you there!
#wff2019 #woodfordia #imaginingabeautifulfuture #woodfordfolkfestival #programmelaunch

Essential Combo Workshop

You can join every stage of the workshop or choose a selection from the stages

For more details contact:

Mobile: 0432 906 783

Chi Master Yang Seminar Fortunate Star C

1. Networking between Heaven & Earth -

    Melting within one whole being
2. Flashing Chi Working - 
look 2 to 5 years younger
3. Self-Defence System
4. Emotion Protection System

5. Local Fengshui water drinking

IMG_9059 2.jpg

6. Intuition Working system
7. Drinking Heaven Dew Violet Flame
8. Energy Highway
9. Send warm greeting support to those far away

New Chi Transmission Workshop Flyer

Previous Workshops

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On Site Planetary Connection Seminars:

Travel together as Chi Master Yang takes you to

Earth's Geological Material World...



In an 80 minute Interactive Workshop

layer by layer




First layer


Absorb Emotional Seeds from Deep within Earth


for a totally Peaceful, Calm Connection


Second Layer


Emotional Protection Connection


Third Layer


Emotional Connection with Harmonising Power & Support


Fourth Layer


Intelligent Wisdom Connection


Fifth Layer


Potential Self Healing Power & Seed Activation​​





After Fifth Layer...


​Total Growth, Strength, Support


Master Yang gives you a taste of the layers to follow​



PART 3​​

On site bottled water will be energised


After drinking energised water enjoy Master Yang conducting the flow of music of Essential Power:


~ Beautiful clouds following Full Moon


~ Spring Moonlight caring for Yangtze River with floating flower


~ ​Showering on banana leaves


~ Like a group of galloping Mongolian horses


..and more

Chi Transmission Workshops

Essential combo workshop september flyer
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