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via Quantum Chain

Master Yang uniquely works with Planetary Power Communication - Understanding - Connection to follow your Heart's Desire


Fengshui support bringing Health, Happiness & Fulfilment Physical~Emotional~Spiritual

There has been a great deal of  progress in the understanding of Our Universe in physics, in the past quarter of a century.


That at the core, is a single Universal Field of Intelligence,that all particles of nature are understood to be one.

That all matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force, waves of information & that everything we experience has a single interconnected source. We in fact exist within a sea of energy that connects all atoms & the field from which all of the atom arises is spread throughout time & space.


Quantum physics has shown that in the body, & all that connects us to the Universe & the Planets, that communication takes place via quantum waves or frequencies, having remarkable properties of cohesion. Energy is produced as a result of exchange between subatomic particles...within this energy field or matrix is the repository of all information.


DNA can be described as the Master tuning fork of the body using these frequencies as a tool, a feedback system of perfect communication that encodes & transfers information.


It's as if human beings have their own wireless internet based on DNA

Master Yang  transmits Planetary Power in conjunction with your Heart's desire. Once harnessed with understanding of your individual needs, Planetary Power follows that unique need & desire to achieve results

You will experience it  ~ You will feel it  ~ You will know your achievement

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