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Stage One

~ On Site ~

Desires Become True


During Stage One of Chi Master Yang's unique Retreat, participants physically travel to various Sacred Sites including: Naturally occurring monolithic structures, Karst Geological Mountains, Ancient Temples and Practising locations, to connect with local fengshui power; picking up energy 'seeds' through which a deeper, more powerful personal Energy Practise can be developed.


Through this integration of deeper Connection, energy flow through the meridian system and personal reality field expands enabling personal desires to rapidly manifest and healing to occur. The flow of life opens up as stagnancy is overcome and a new direction of fulfilling growth and expansion is achieved. Transformation...

Stage Two

~ On Site ~

Distance Connection & Transmission

In the second stage of Chi Master Yang's multi-layered Retreat participants find themselves developing the extraordinary ability to connect with the Sacred Locations visited in Stage One, from a distant location. This space-transcending capacity affords students the freedom and flexibility to 'visit' places previously experienced in the physical, from non-locality; anywhere in the world. By working with, and developing this rare skill, a person is able to 'carry' the vibrational power obtained through Sacred Site locations, wherever they go; whenever they feel the need for support; it is there. A new, more unlimited Practise is awakened and harnessed; elevating the life experience into further possibility and opportunity.

Stage Three

~ On Site ~

Planetary Power Connection

Exclusively facilitated by Chi Master Yang, Participants of the Stage Three Retreat Program are granted access to the highly unique Stellar-Bridge Connection. Utilizing the natural language intrinsic to the Universe, Chi Master Yang orchestrates individual connection via the Stellar-Bridge with distant star and inter-planetary power. This Heavenly imbued grace brings with it a flowering of infinite potentials as the support and power of distant star systems begins to flow through the focusing-lens of the students body and mind. A re-birth; a new life; a new path...


June 2016

When I met Master Yang just 2 months ago, I decided immediately that I would follow him on his China Trip. It was the most amazing experience. Master Yang said to me “Enjoy your life” and then JOY began to flood my being. Master Yang is very powerful. Every word he speaks is a reality. You must listen carefully to him, every word is moving. He also told me to “Slow down” and to “Relax”. I’m such a busy person however I learnt how to do this from Master Yang. He told me life was “Sooooo beautiful” and that is my experience of life now. Travelling with Master Yang and feeling the energy and beauty through his eyes is like no other trip you will ever have. You will experience miracles as you walk beside him. When Master Yang says “Got it?” He is passing you an amazing chi gift, so be sure you are open to receive! I completed Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 with Master Yang in China.

Stage 1 experience

I know Master Yang opened my heart to flow again both physically and energetically. He opened the curtain to reveal my heart. He said to me, “How can any surgeon operate to separate the heart from the Soul.” Only Master Yang could do that. Now my heart is big, open, circulating and very joyful. It is flowing with the chi I received from Master Yang. He also taught me to open my third eye and to feel the chi flowing under my feet and all around and through me. He showed me that when my heart energy flows like a river, my heart will not break. It will flow and be flexible. That was an amazing revelation to me. We travelled to many unique on site locations to practice, we ate delicious Chinese food and we enjoyed the company of others in the group. I had a most joyous and wonderful trip. I had numerous miraculous experiences but they are not easy to describe in words. You will have to experience Master Yang to understand.

Stage 2 experience

During this stage we did less onsite travel and more practice and meditation in our “caves”. We were learning to do distant connection. There was less eating and less talking. Master Yang instructed us to practice 24/7 so I tried to do this literally. I listened for the internal chi in me, the HUM of the universe. At the end of the first 3 days of practice, I had an amazing experience similar to what yogis might call kundalini. It was a spiraling sensation. Master Yang told me it was my flower opening inside me. Again, it is very hard to explain in words the transformation that occurred. But I know it was real and powerful. I could fly like a dragon and I was free, “no beginning, no ending and boundless”. I now have achieved wealth at my feet connected to earth, space in my heart to flow and freedom to connect to a distant location, just as though I was there. Master Yang had transformed my being.

Stage 3 experience

I left the very best to last!! Planetary Power Connection. Nothing would have prepared me for this experience. On the very first night at Kunming, during my practice at night, I had my very own “Big Bang” experience and the whole universe exploded inside me with an enormous BANG!! It was as though someone had shot me from the inside. It was a quantum effect. Master Yang had connected me to the stars, the planets and the universal energy. I had a rebirth, a new life and a new meaning. I was flowing with the planetary power. The following weeks with Master Yang taught me about the Truth. Master Yang would tell me to say little and to only talk the Truth. He said Truth is Power. We visited temples, sacred sites as well as Stone Forest where the Kast Geological stones are 300 million years old. The whole day while I was at Stone Forest, I felt I was in a sea of motion, moving with this ancient sacred site through time. Where else can you get such a profound experience, such a life transformation?

Now I am back home and back at work, I have tried to integrate everything Master Yang has taught me. I remember his whistle, his smile, his musical words and his actions. As he follows the chi energy, he is communicating all the time so he would say “Stop” or “Keep going”. These are phrases I use myself now. He said to me “Every step in life is an encounter, every step is an adventure, every step has a risk, so use your intuition.” I have experienced those steps with Master Yang and my life will never be the same again. My energy feels much bigger, people say I look younger and I am connected to the Universal chi. I feel like I am in the flow of life “softly, smoothly, intensely, peacefully flowing”. He has harmonized my family DNA, put a smile on my face, got my heart flowing again and given me the freedom to fly. Master Yang always says “When you’re climbing the Himalayas, don’t be distracted by the sesame seeds.” He encourages me to “Keep going” to “Deeply practice”. His practice is his life. He works tirelessly to reach everybody he possibly can and share his energy and knowledge. Master Yang, thank you for your power, gentle approach, enormous generosity and wisdom. Each morning I wake up, I say “Good morning Master Yang. Thank you for showing me your power. I am dedicated to deeply practice with you.” I hear him say “Don’t worry Master Yang is here!”. And I feel his supporting energy right beside me.


Dr Marion Igarashi

3 June 2016


On-site Planetary Connection with Master Yang

Stage 3 Planetary Connection Retreat, Kunming Stone Forest:

I have been practicing with Master Yang for many years. This practicing retreat was very significant to me. In summary, these are the wonderful things I experienced.

- a big breakthrough to a whole new level of practicing
- huge expansive freedom inside and outside my body
- profoundly deep centredness, open stillness and joy
- very grounded, real and awake
- having returned, I feel a living communication with that distant site and energy connection still supporting my inner strength and growth.

Master Yang is a true Chi Master. Near or far he is always working. I felt him organising the connection for me weeks before arriving. It is a very profound experience to be in his presence. Now I am back, I see the whole world differently. What an amazing universe!

If you would like to read more I wrote this short article about the retreat you can download here.




Margot Duncan (Ph.D)

Read Margot's Full Testimonial Here:

The China Trip was a life changing experience. I felt myself re-connect with positive and meaningful experiences and memories I'd forgotten or believed were lost for good. On returning to Brisbane I felt a strong sense of being given the opportunity at a new life, that the impact of negative situations and experiences had been overturned.


Before our retreat was over I knew that I would travel anywhere in the world with Master Yang as my guide. We were so well cared for in every way. I had thought the journey would be challenging food-wise and instead shared daily banquets of the most wonderful fresh Chinese dishes. When anything went wrong, like me leaving some precious clothing behind in a hotel room, Master Yang was relentless until it was returned safe and sound. And what an honour to be taken to places where he had learned much of his own chi practice decades before. Throughout the 12 days I felt completely safe wherever we ventured, intrigued by the city and rural life, and nurtured in body and spirit. It felt like a halo of gossamer chi was floating above and around us. I returned home with an even greater respect and gratitude for our unique Chi Master and the imprint of powerful ancient sites to help support my unfolding new life.

Maggie Third

I recommend the China Retreat to anyone who has the opportunity. I saw and connected with places that I would never be able to reach on my own. I am a second year university student and the opportunity arose mid semester and I almost said no! But I realised life will always be busy, so I decided to go and I am so glad I went.


I was so well looked after, I never had to worry about my food or accommodation and it didn’t matter that I could not speak Chinese. Every moment of the trip I was supported by Master Yang. In the past I have had problems travelling overseas, but with Master Yang I had no worries. I ate delicious clean and healthy food, always slept well (Master Yang works with you energetically for 24/7) and never got sick. 


Master Yang’s energy harmonised everyone on the trip. People who I had only just met after one day I felt like I had known them for years. This made it relaxing and easy to be with others on the trip.


Just being in Master Yang’s presence for ten days was one of the greatest gifts. I felt myself grow quickly with each of the amazing sites that we visited. Master Yang spoke a lot of collecting ‘wisdom seeds’. I feel like now, two month after the trip I am still connecting with the places we visited in China and experiencing new natural evolving energies from the trip. I am excited to see how these seeds will grow as I continue my practice.  


You will never get to go on a retreat like this one with anyone else. There is only one Master Yang and the opportunity to travel with him is one not to be missed!

Georgia S

 I was lucky enough to go on Master Yang's 2016 trip to China.  It was great to experience the chinese culture, Master Yang organised and looked after us so well with regards to safety, great food and a nice 56th birthday party while there, accommodation having my own room, and a great group of people to travel with, being taken to different places, temples and caves where Master Yang had been before and practiced.

Most people that went to these places, temples and caves would walk through and enjoy but Master Yang sensed and knew that these were very special feng shui energy centers, where through his help and wisdom, we could pick up this energy and wisdom seeds as he calls it, that we could bring back with us to help in our cultivation and elevation of our spiritual journey. Amazing something you have to experience to truly believe and appreciate.

Having been learning under Master Yang for a number of years now I had been going through some major changes physically, emotionally and spiritually before I went, given a new life actually.....very special at my age, and these continue now I am back...healthy, happy, fulfillment ,as you say Master Yang ...Thank you

Jeff  Johnston

This journey awakens you to the Albert Einstein equation E=mc squared. Master Yang and his feng shui knowledge facilitates the energy connecting earth and us within the cosmos, embodying inner awakening.

It's like your light switch gets turned on, Master Yang takes you to specific areas throughout Guilin (China) where energy is pure and abundant. The feng shui connection then provides the clearing, cleaning and reconstructing  within your meridian system.  You can feel it. 

On the outside you and your  five senses are encompassed by Guilins delight...
On the inside is where you have the grace of flight.

I hope you have the opportunity to take this journey with Master Yang and experience this life force 

Nancy Z

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