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​Programmes ~ Seminars ~ Workshops ~ Training 


Chi Master Yang providing a unique bridge between the expansiveness of the entire solar system the microcosmos & the macrocosmos via quantum waves or frequencies

Master Yang has 50 years experience uniquely working with Heaven & Earth Chi & Planetary Power


Inherited from his Master, recognising the Power of Chi,  harnessing & transmitting it as required by individuals to achieve immediate & ongoing results



Seminars enveloping participants within a full time working energy field 


Specifically reading individuals chi, communicating with that chi, transmitting & connecting with that individuals heart's desire.

From that individual heart's desire achieve result.

Distance Healing & Training via Skype

One On One


10 minute Skype
followed by  Distance Chi Transmission
(TTA) Transmutation~ Transformation ~ Alchemy


10 minute Private Skype Consultation Reading & Healing


A working energy field organised for you & your environment 

See It, Feel It, & Connecting with
Violet Flame Fortunate Power
 ...changing your life completely to totally experience

Meridian openingClearing of emotional blockage Pain & ailments alleviated & so much more......Distance Chi Transmission (TTA)






Inviting the Miracle of the Cosmic Ray to join your life Connecting you with a Waterfall of Violet Flame Healing Power


Connect with Divine Wisdom

Deepen Intuition

Clear emotional blockage; build enormous emotional strength

Fulfill your greatest desires

Fully experience, achieve & fulfil your goals


After the session you will be guaranteed an Energy Flow..


Inside: Opening  your Meridian System &


Outside: An ongoing Fengshui Energy Field, lasting several weeks

 Initial price from $360

(Cost & Individual cases may vary)

Seminars & Workshops

Transmutation - Transformation - Alchemy

Bringing your life fortunate power


In a 75 minute Energy Recharging Session, Chi Master Yang opens you to health, happiness & fulfilment within a full time working energy field. The chi of TTA following a healing tract to reach & fulfil your most heartfelt desires. It also includes family friends, relationships, career & finances in a unique, immediately effective distance healing

Soul Family Gatherings


In this 60 minute session Chi Master Yang envelopes you in a bubble of chi, to warm & nourish your heart & soul

Chi supporting warm Family Environment

Your Hearts needs met & maintained

Love link connections Expanding  scope of friendship caring & understanding

Developing feelings of happiness & fulfilment with fengshui support & connection


8th August 2016  


Dear Master Yang,


I am so humbled having met you and  experiencing the wonderful changes I have noticed so far, after just a few of your sessions. 


When I came to my first session at Pullenvale Hall I didn't know what to expect. I had previously hurt my shoulder and when the session started, immediately my shoulder started hurting to the point where it was really uncomfortable. After a few minutes the pain just disappeared. I was amazed. 


I felt the different types of energy you created, and was in awe. I noticed when you started the energy from the ground that it rose up my body and stopped at the base of my head. I wondered if this had something to do with a problem I had with my ears, having never healed properly from surgery a long time ago. 


After speaking with you, I realised my head was blocked and it was really important to get unblocked. When you said that your "Open Sesame" session did just that, I wanted to come as soon as possible. I had no idea that "Open Sesame" was such a different session. I thought it was great to lie down and soak in all the energy with the lights off. So peaceful. 



In the open sesame as I laid down my shoulder cracked and I knew that was from the energy. I then could almost hear noise around my ears, as if my aura was being worked on. Then inside my ear became really itchy. My stomach also made a lot of noise and I think my digestion was being stimulated. 


I couldn't believe all this happened in just one session. I was now hooked. I just wanted to come to every session you held. It was so exciting to me that I could have my health problems fixed. I realised it could change my life and I was so grateful for you. 


For the next Open Sesame my mum and I convinced my younger sister to come along. She also has a lot of health problems that need fixing and I was so excited for her to experience your wonderful, healing energy. In this session I again heard a little noise around my ears, like my aura was being worked on again. I felt my heart beat get stronger and then I felt almost like the heart beat was around my knees. I think there was some healing done on my heart and the circulation in my legs was worked on.


When we were finished, I noticed I had more energy. So did my sister. We went and got dinner after, mum said it was as if we were little kids. We had so much energy. This is something new to me as I always feel low on energy. 


I can't get enough of your wonderful healing power. In that session at Pullenvale, my eye sight almost started glowing during your session. Everything seemed brighter. I felt like I was high on energy…. I was ecstatic. I had noticed my ears not as bad as they had been, and I felt like finally there might be a way to fix them :-)


 It was such a wonderful feeling. It was tremendous getting to talk to you and made me realise even further just how gifted you are. There is no one like you, you are one of a kind and I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me. You are so generous, heavenly gifted. I hope that many more people can feel what your wonderful healing power can do for them. I am truly grateful to you and can't wait to do more 


Kindest Regards


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