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Quantum Networking

Global Impact Webinar

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Harnessing the power of nature to deliver authentic direct energy transmission to each participant, Chi Master Yang brings to you, like an Earth quake, directed Planetary Power Connection wherever you are in the world.

You Could Experience:

'the Galloping of 100 Mongolian Horses'

"Every planet; every star in the Universe is constantly moving; no moment is the same"

Chi Master Yang

No one knows what is 'on the menu' as Cosmic Master Chef Chi Master Yang works with the evolving planetary and inter-stellar alignments revealed only in the living moment... Possible tastings could include aspects of the following unique programs (and more):

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Who Is Chi Master Yang?


Chi Master Yang is an authentic Chinese Grand Master originally trained from a young age (by his Master), in the ancient art of Qi Neigong. After over 50 years of personal practising and working with chi in various ways, Chi Master Yang developed this traditional Practise to a new frontier of unique understanding.

Learning through his own direct investigation how to connect with local and distant planetary and inter-stellar power, Chi Master Yang now anchors these quantum forces into the Earth through not only his own practising, but through his students too.

A pioneer of revolutionary change, Chi Master Yang now works globally with all whom sincerely desire to restore their own self-healing potential and awaken the remarkable and mysterious potential within themselves.

How Is the Webinar Undertaken?


This is no 'ordinary' webinar. Just as energy is used via satellites to transmit the visual and audio transmission of the webinar itself (through the 'internet') so too is it possible to transmit various cosmic energies to distant 'non-local' (as it is termed) areas of the planet via the planetary and inter-stellar network that shines night and day.

Chi Master Yang is therefore able to connect with you in two different ways:

1) Communicating and talking to you through the use to modern digital technologies.


2)  Communicating with your conscious and subconscious mind and body through energy transmission via naturally occurring quantum networks.

People experience this differently and uniquely as they absorb it:

Seeing, tasting, touching, hearing, feeling

"Energy is the greatest teacher"


Chi Master Yang's work is not academic based learning but direct learning through interaction with energy. The programs ('Golden Bridge, Silver Bridge, Diamond Bridge, Open Sesame, Quantum Networking' etc) are named according to the type of energy used in the sessions

Personally join Chi Master Yang in this never-offered-before inclusive World Event

as he provides you with direct impact experience: tasting, touching, seeing, feeling Quantum Power Network Combing and other unique energy tastings absolutely unique to Chi Master Yang...

Be 100% certain to deeply experience the transformative power of Quantum Network Meridian Combing from your own home

Webinar Begins:

Please Note: There are only 100 seats available on the platform and they are allocated instantly upon log in. It is suggested that you log in early to increase chances of successful attendance

Everyone gets exactly what they need to heal, restore and access their unique gifts;

who you truly are

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