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Chi Master Yang

Free Quantum Chi Networking Webinar

Moisturising & Nourishing for Relationship & Family

Join Chi Master Yang's  3  Step Process... Free... From home!

 Be sure to receive emotional protection & wisdom seeds

What's This About?

Quantum Network Meridian Combing is a unique energy working technique exclusively developed by Chi Master Yang. The process involves a deep healing of your meridians and chakras; your natural energy circulatory system.


Through the use of Planetary Power Connection in your local area, Chi Master Yang commands Quantum Power to work for you from high up above your head to far below your feet; connecting you deeply with the Earth.


Moving side-to-side, 45 degrees and all other angles needed, Quantum Power is used to firstly OPEN your meridian system, then HARMONIZE it and finally

ACTIVATE your Self-Healing System & activate your unique gifts

Chi Master Yang

Reserve your seat below:

New York (EST):

 7pm Sunday  

8th January



6pm Sunday  

8th January


9am Monday  

9th January



11am Monday  

9th January

Most people are completely unaware that they could have so much more ENERGY if only their natural energy circulatory system was active. Furthermore, most health ailments arise due to blockages in this system, as it is restored people find themselves rapidly healing in many different ways.

The first STEP is to open your meridian system so that you can begin to feel and utilise your Chi. Ordinarily this can take many years to achieve, however as a Grand Master with over 50 years of experience, Chi Master Yang is able to do this for you in the very first session. Sound 'Too good to be true'? Read what others have experienced in the first session

The next STEP is to harmonize your meridian system so that you can feel your chi flowing evenly throughout your body, no area being  left malnourished. Naturally your chakras will also assume their most balanced spin rates, and your mindbody systems will establish their beautifully efficient functional state 

STEP 3 involves the activation of your Self-Healing System. Once your chi is flowing and systems harmonized, you can begin to move more deeply into your own Energy Cultivation Practice. As you do this your energy will consistently rise, your body will naturally heal and you will come into your extraordinary, unique self; bringing forth your natural gifts to discover who you truly are

Everyone gets exactly what they need to heal, restore and access their unique gifts...

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